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10 with Sarah

I get alot of  enquiries about the vendors I work with, the stylists, make up artists, dress designers from things people have seen in my images that they’ve loved. I thought instead of just telling you about them – I’ll show you and let you tell them youreself!

So something a little bit different today – a short interview with Sarah, one of my absolute favourite hair stylists and the creative hand behind many of my shoots and sessions. Having a stylist that you trust is such a big part on your Wedding day, someone who will calm you amongst all the chaos and work quickly and reassuringly. I love working with Sarah because I only have to utter a few words of what’s inspiring me or my bride and instantly she’s on the same wave length. I’ve seen her create some incredible looks over the past two years and she has a particular eye for detail and braiding. She now owns her own salon, Baroque hair design in north Auckland but will be travelling near and far this coming summer for brides and their girls.


How long have you been a hair stylist?

Its sometime hard to believe but this is my 10th year hair dressing. Wow I have stuck to something that long and still love every minute of it.

Tell us about the process you work through with a bride to find her perfect look?

Normally I will sit down and have a really long chat with them about there hair that ends up being about them and lifestyle and not really about hair. I like to create something that is unique to them and their life, not something that they would look back at in say 10 years time and go what the hell was I thinking with that hair style.

What inspires you ?

The people I have around me and in my life. They are always a good place to start when im needing inspiration. I’ve been blessed to have alot of creative and amazing people in my life.

What is your biggest tip for girls searching for their bridal look?

Do not like one picture and have your heart set on that, nine times out of ten I end up having to talk people out of the pictures because it wont work for there hair. Instead have at less 5 different ideas that then can be out together to make something unique for your hair type and face type. Oh and pinterest is your friend (I might be slightly addicted)

What products & treatments do you recommend for pre-wedding hair?

In my salon I always recommend if your not a regular trimmer you should start doing that and about 6 months out book hair treatments with your cuts. Or get a good treatment from them and do it at less every 3rd time you wash your hair. My biggest seller for that is Keune care line Vital Nutrition intensive hair repair.

How long before the big day should you have your colour done?

I say any where from 3 days to 2 weeks out. It just depends on how your hair reacts to colour. Some peoples hair look the best straight after one, other like there colour when it’s a week or 2 old and has had time to settled down.

What trends do you think we’ll see for bridal hair in 2014 summer?

The best way to describe the latest bridal hair trends is just three words Glamour, Elegance & Grace. Think elegant chignons and braids will definitely continue to be popular next year.

How far in advance should brides be booking their hair consultations?

I always recommend doing it about 6 months out that way you know your likely to get your day and then from there your hair dresser can get you into a good system to have your hair looking its best for the big day.


What’s the best part of your job?

Seeing people face’s change from being oohh hum to WOW I feel fab.

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