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A blog post that’s not about Weddings (sort of!)

Hello lovely friends, fans, followers and friends I’m yet to meet 🙂

This is a revolutionary type of post for me, I’m NOT going to feature someones beautiful Wedding for the first time, though I wish I were! I’m actually just going to take a moment and tell you a little bit about what’s been happening in my life lately. Some of you may know but I’ve made the plunge and lept over to the UK and Europe for six months, back for the NZ summer and Wedding season however so please still enquire!

I came over because like most 25 year old kiwi’s, it was time to see the world for me outside of the beautiful bubble that is New Zealand. I’m travelling with my now Fiance Todd who is also working over here and so far we’ve had the pleasure of travelling Japan, alot of the Europe and now bits and pieces of the UK. It’s been an amazing year and we’re only six months in!

I also wanted to use this post to talk about some amazing people who have made an entrance into my life recently in the form of fellow friends and photographers. Before I left New Zealand I made contact with a few photographers whom I adored and also met other through the magic of Facebook!

As a Wedding photographer I’m constantly present on one of the most important day of a families life. I’m exposed to intimate exchanges, laughs, tears and giggles and it is such a privilege. It also reminds me not to take the special people in my life for granted, and as such I’m going to talk about someone incredible that I meet or someone special to me in my life (along with photographs of course!) every week, and this week I’m starting with Alexa Loy (or Dent). Alexa is an incredibly talented UK photographer who like me specialises in Weddings, what drew me to her work was her quirky vibe and her ability to capture a world of happiness all in one frame.

Three of the coolest things about Alexa?

1. She shares a love of hula hoops with me (the best chip (or crisp) in the world)

2. Her smile is absolutely infectious, it’s like the flu – or the plague, spreads like wildfire.Awful analogy, sorry.

3. She takes super awesome, blow you out of the water, run around the park screaming like an idiot – photographs. Oh and her blog is a wicked read too – be sure to check it out,

All above images are copyright of Alexa loy photography


I’m doing  a bit of second shooting over here in the UK with Alexa and we had our first “date” together this weekend just gone – how you work with another photographer is always important because you want someone that can read you, work with you and of course have a great friendship with! I loved working with Alexa and her laid-back style, she even made me feel at ease without intending to! She’s the type of person that you want to abduct for a road trip and take her home for a cup of tea and to meet your mum.  Below is a frame she took of me in the evening and I can’t wait to share some of the images from the wedding down the track.

It was in fact Alexa’s mad blogging skills and sound advice that made me question, hang on – why haven’t I been blogging more about me and my life outside of Weddings again? Be sure to check out the Alexas work at or follow her on Facebook at

I’m not saying I lead the most exciting existence, in fact a regular day is editing, peanut butter on toast and a walk to go dog-spotting, but I’ll be laying it down bare here from time to time from now on if you do fancy a read.

peace, love & light

Nish x

  • Alexa Dent

    Aw yay! 🙂 SO lovely to hang out with you and shoot together – bring on more road trips, snacks and fun times! xReplyCancel

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