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Anniversaries and Friendships

The thing about a Wedding day that is so beautiful but also sometimes a little scary – is that you have virtually no control over what’s going to happen, whether it rains, whether the bridesmaids dresses reflect light, whether people blink. Styled sessions are very different – a collaboration between stylists, make up artists, producers, designers, photographers, but sometimes simply just me and a great couple.

Which is why I used the below image for this quick blog post – this is an image from a 1 year anniversary “drown the gown” session, or “trash the dress” or “rock the frock” – whatever you prefer. This wasn’t my idea at all and yet I feel that people give me 100% of the credit when it’s not always due. I didn’t choose this location, what they would wear or determine the light – I just turned up on the day. The lovely couple in this shot are actually very good friends of mine, I shot their Wedding around 18 months ago and Sarah is the sister of another very dear friend of mine ( Nicole, who you’ll meet later!) , as well as a talented hair dresser whom I recommend and use for every shoot possible!

My main point being – this image can exist because A. Sarah came to me with the idea of doing a trash the dress session for their 1 year anniversary. B. She and Chad had already chosen this beautiful location to do the shoot and C. Because of our friendship they trusted me to pose them, capture them and produce these images for them – just as they did on their Wedding day.

I would love to do more of these kind of sessions, full of laughter, great company and great photography so from December this year I will be offering anniversary sessions on limited dates if you do want to “rock that frock”. You can see Sarah & Chad’s full session by clicking here.

I often write in fellow blogs and advertisements that the one of the things I enjoy most about my job is the friendships that are created as a result, and I mean every word. I love and cherish all the dinners, catch ups, facebook messages or even just the occasional texts I get from couples months and years after their Weddings. I feel like I’ve done my job not just when you love your wedding photographs, but when you still have my phone number a year later, ten years later and maybe even a lifetime later. And you use it.


  • Veronica Kloeten

    Beautifully put Nish! <3 I can't wait to do our 5 year shoot! Not long to go now.... 18 months(ish).ReplyCancel

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