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Cindy & Mark

Hello Cindy, Mark and the lovely family & friends who shared the day with them and put up with my camera! Thank you so much for all wearing your hearts on your sleeves and allowing me to document your stories. Just double click the image to start the slideshow, turn your sound up and re-live the day! Nisha x


p.s It only works on computers sorry! Phones don’t run it for some reason x

  • Polly Richards

    Words can’t express how beautiful this is. Tears all round; the emotion of the day came rushing back and made us realise how lucky we are to have such amazing people around us, because it was the people who made our day beautiful. Thank you Nisha, you captured it perfectly xxxReplyCancel

  • Shaun Mccallum

    well worth the watching it with the sounds up.Was a amazing day and the photos are lovelyReplyCancel

  • Jenny Tough

    WOW… the memories of an amazing time and a fantastic day, seems like only yesterday. Happy tears watching Lily and Drew’s faces in the church. Nisha’s work is so good. Perfect. Thankyou for letting me be part of it. XXXReplyCancel

  • Hannah Clark

    Sat at my PC crying my eyes out!! Nisha you are unbelievably talented, as Polly said you couldn’t have captured the day more perfectly. What a fantastic day it was. I will definitely be having some of these shots framed in my house xXxReplyCancel

  • Wally Richards

    Doesn’t work on iOS 8.2 either Nisha. Pity – much prefer the Apple operating system. Bugger – will have fire up the Windows powered thing, sitting in the corner LOL.ReplyCancel

  • Ma Richards

    What a beautiful day & beautifully captured by Nisha!! The special thing about cameras is that they capture the moments we dont see. Lots of tears – happy tears 🙂 xxxxReplyCancel

  • Jan Richards


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