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Jess & Dom | Auckland Wedding photography

I love Weddings where you can see the core of two people reflected in the day, where all of their closest family and friends have poured their hearts and souls into creating everything you see and feel. Jess & Dom’s big day was something of this nature and I was privileged enough to capture all this joy and produce the images below. This wedding was also the first time I’ve ever had a bride go through a McDonalds drive through in between the ceremony and reception (awesome!), the first time I’ve cried more from laughing than anything else and the first time I’ve slammed my elbow into a door…The last one is not so great. Jess & Dom thank you for welcoming me into your lives and congratulations on your marriage! My feet hurt from dancing and my face hurt from smiling.

We are so lucky to live in a country as beautiful as New Zealand, even in the city auckland wedding photography has so much potential for variety like the images above. On Jess & Dom’s day we were lucky enough to visit a beautiful overgrown field, an immaculate church, a rough and scenic wharf and a grungy innercity street.Auckland Wedding photography captured by Nisha Ravji.

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