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Sarah & Kev | London wedding

I’ve been in London on and off for about three months now, and I’ve had the honour of working with some pretty amazing people – one of these people being the lovely Alexa Dent from Alexa loy photography ( Who you can read more all about in this blog post) . When she asked me about second shooting this one, it was all an excited blur but the three things I remember were ” London bus, pies and DIY” my heart did tumbles. Sarah & Kev’s day was perfect from beginning to end and by the end I felt as if I’d known them a lifetime. This truly was a London Wedding to a T – the grooms party arrived by a black London cab, not before stopping at a pub to meet the guests, the ceremony at a gorgeous city hall and we did indeed depart by big red double decker bus! It was also great fun to shoot a “first look” at this Wedding – something we don’t often have in New Zealand, Sarah & Kev decided to enter their ceremony hand in hand, together so we shot the moment they first saw each other beforehand! Very sweet.

The reception was my favourite Рa lawn bowls club/pub  of epic proportions that the bride and her family and friends had gone to epic proportions to decorate. Including all of the desserts baked by various family members, place cards spelt out in scrabble! (I wondered how many sets she had to buy!) and tea which was served in beautiful, mismatched vintage china. No two the same! A big thanks again to Lex for having me as her second shooter and to Sarah & Kevin too. Also to the caterers for changing my life with the 36 hour slow cooked pork belly canapes!

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