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AnneliseWhat’s the best way to enquire?

Fill out my contact form here or send an email to

Where are you based?

I spend six months of my year in New Zealand and six months in the United kingdom (summer in both) but am all over the place alot of the time so get in touch to see if we’re close.

How can i find out  your pricing?

I love to hear from all my potential couples so please get in touch or send me an email and I will respond with pricing, collections and more.

Do you shoot International or Destination Weddings?

Yes,I LOVE to travel and tell the story of your destination weddings, this year I’ve photographed in Fiji, Las Vegas, Italy, France and beyond and I would gladly travel for your Wedding.

How long does it take to get my Wedding photos?

With editing & processing time you will have your Wedding photos within 5 – 8 weeks of your big day.

I love your work and want to book, what next?

Get in touch of course, you can fill in my online contact form on this site and I’ll get some details out to you via email, or you can just email me at

What’s your favourite thing about a Wedding day?

The photography! Haha, but seriously, it’s all the little details, the things you blink and miss – the tears from guests who you would never suspect, the secret smiles and all the lovely stuff in between. That and Wedding cake. I live for Wedding cake.