frequently (and infrequently asked)


How many photos do we get ?

A ton. More than you need I promise! Here’s the thing, I’m a big believer in quality over quantity - how often do you sit down and flick through 2000 of your parents wedding photos? Now how many do they have on their walls that you absolutely adore and treasure? Exactly. Typically for a full wedding day my couples end up with 500 - 700 final images.

We’re not having a traditional wedding - will you still be able to do your thing?

This is good news, I’m not a very traditional person

How far out do you take bookings?

I like to take this show on the road quite often, as such I only allow bookings roughly one year out

Our wedding is going to be more than one day - is this something you consider?

I eat multi-day weddings for breakfast! But seriously, I’m of Indian descent - our people have that multi day wedding stuff DOWN - you’re having two days? No problem this chick spent her childhood sitting through FIVE day marathons (whilst reading comic books) So yes, I can handle whatever you throw at me. (But please feed and water me appropriately).

Do you do wedding albums?

Heck yes I do, and they are LEGIT - but for all you millennials the way I deliver my online gallery is pretty great too

How many consecutive minutes can you hula hoop for?

That would be 25

Okay, sorry where are you?

This is actually my most frequently asked question! I split my year between both hemispheres, typically half in New Zealand and half in Berlin. But with a good old sprinkling of the rest of the globe in there too.

Okay so how much does this all cost?

My pricing is custom, if you'd like more information please get in touch and I'd be happy to send it over.


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