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Something a little bit different today, a wee write up about a dear friend – Renee. We all have friends who we’ve known longer than we can trace back on Facebook, friends that are like family and friends that would do anything for us. Well I’m lucky enough to have this in Renee – and her family too if I’m honest! Renee is the friend who is generally also my stand in assistant when it comes to some of my more adventurous shoots, and she has a great creative eye and sense of style herself too. Some of my favourite memories in the last ten years include weekends spent on the Bovills farm, riding quad bikes and running around. I have a whole set of images on my computer of Renee – in fairly ridiculous circumstances too, like heralding a gigantic bunch of balloons, wading through swamps with me as I location scout, touching up models make up, holding reflectors – and the list goes on.

A mutual friend and talented hair dresser & make up artist, Kady recently pointed out that I always seem to capture Renee on a practical level, and this stunning friend of ours deserves some portraits worthy of her looks! So we got together for an afternoon at the Botanical gardens, Kady did her hair and makeup and general styling and I got to shoot the below:

Thanks for 10 years of amazing memories Renee, and here’s to a lifetime more.

  • Kady Brown

    Absolutely stunning, love them soooooo much!!!! I love the one on the bridge!!!! I had so much bringing out your natural beauty ReplyCancel

  • Tina Sandra Woods

    The red circle one – for me – captures that look ! Love them all and you’ve captured Renee’s inner beauty as well as her outer gorgeous-ness !! xxx

  • Bridget Dobbs

    I like the one on the bridge too. And the red circle. So many of them show Renee’s spirit and humour shining through.ReplyCancel

  • Jenna Langdon

    Renee you beautiful lady these are fantastic!ReplyCancel

  • Renee Bovill

    Thanks guys, truly was down to Nish and Kady being amazing at what they do xo

  • Terin Port

    Aw! You are like such a regal beauty Renee Bovill.
    Love this!!ReplyCancel

  • Terin Port

    I love the balloon photo too… that laughReplyCancel

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