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Travel Tuesday – Nara, Japan

Earlier this year Todd and I spent some time travelling through Japan – without a doubt my favourite place was Nara, right on the border of Kyoto, Nara was actually the capital for some time in the 1700’s.  When we visited it was pouring with rain, non stop for the entire time but this couldn’t dampen our spirits (see what I did there). If there’s one thing that aids Nara’s magic – it’s the deer, considered sacred by the Japanese the deer in Nara roam freely through the parks and streets! At first it’s surreal but you soon adjust, they are in fact extremely friendly and vendors sell special deer biscuits that you can feed them with.You’ll probably remember me posting the below image a few months back:

The focus of our visit to Nara (apart from the local speciality foods) was the Todai-ji shrine, dated to 728 it is an intricately built buddhist shrine, the kind of insanely beautiful intricate structure that makes you step back and think “what have I built lately that wasn’t constructed out of lego….”

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