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Oh snap, hold tight because Levi and Dahyana are two of my favourite people, and Chateau du Val is one of my favourite places. The two came together and it was EPIC. Here’s a few of my faves x

Chateau wedding

Chateau wedding

Chateau wedding

Now that you’ve had a few to wet your whistle I’ll bore you with my thoughts!

Without a doubt the biggest perk my job has, is the wonderful new people brought into my life who in turn, become friends. I knew from the moment Levi and Dahyanas enquiry for their Chateau du Val wedding landed in my inbox that this would be special.

These two hail from the USA but decided early on that a destination wedding in Europe would be perfect for them. They chose a gorgeous private Cjhateau set in Saint Just in the countryside and it was like something out of a storybook! Which was just as well as these two have a bit of a fairytale marriage!

I know it sounds cheesy but I think it must be one of the most indescribably joyful feelings in the world to watch two people love each other like these two do. They remind a little of a pair of lovebirds, always twittering and doting on one another.

Spending just over two days with these guys and their incredible family and friends was a bit of a dream and I hope I get to cross paths with them all again soon!


We have so many milestones in life that tend to go uncelebrated by photographs – that’s what this Vancouver adventure session is all about. We tend to take out our cameras for birthdays, weddings, occasions where we get dressed up to look our best – and that is wonderful of course! But I think it’s equally important to celebrate and remember life as it was, to be able to look back on images that truly reflect other important times or decisions in our lives.

I have known Nicole and Tim for a long time, they are two of our dearest friends and we first left New Zealand for London with them nearly five years ago now. They’ve now taken the leap to move to Vancouver and I wanted to shoot a session that we can someday look back on as a reflection of a great time of life. The kind of pictures you someday show your kids to perhaps inspire them to travel and live and experience different places. Vancouver is incredible – and pretty much made for these two with their love of adventure, hiking and the outdoors. If you’re a photographer reading this – go and photograph the people you love, the couples you love, the friends you hold dear! Don’t save it all just for the people who book you, make memories for those around you too.


Vancouver adventure session

Vancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure sessionVancouver adventure session

  • Rosanne Wall

    Nisha, You are just an Amazing and Talented Photographer. You have captured the mood of these two perfectly, They look so in Love?? And are enjoying their new life in Vancouver.?? Thank You for putting these photos on your Blog for us to See.ReplyCancel

  • Couldn’t agree more! Beauty session Nisha!ReplyCancel

  • Looks like a truly epic adventure <3ReplyCancel

  • Wow these are gorgeous ? What a beautiful location too ??ReplyCancel

Dreamcatchers, surfboards, braided hair, gumboots, pine needles, crashing waves, sandy toes, rosy cheeks, soggy dresses, happy hearts…..a little peek at Coral & Andys bohemian forest wedding day. Here’s a few to wet your whistle…

bohemian forest weddingbohemian forest wedding

When you meet Coral & Andy they are the kind of couple that just ooze good vibes, I can’t really explain it but it’s amazing. The instant I met them I knew I wanted to know these two for a long time, and when I met their families the love and warmth I sensed was completely logical – these guys have some pretty awesome support networks.

Their wedding took place in a stunning Coromandel forest backing onto a beach – I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect and symbolic location for a surfer & a mermaid.  They got ready a few kilometres apart at seperate classic kiwi beach homes with their families and close friends. They put SO much DIY into the day, Andy was in the garage for weeks prior whipping up signage, games, tables meanwhile Coral and her band of merry ladies were busy making dream catchers, sewing bunting and building a custom lace teepee. I love how much vision these two had for their day whilst putting their guests first.

The ceremony location was dreamy but completely flooded for days beforehand, on the morning of the wedding though we were offered some relief and it looked as if it would hold for the day. Coral made it down the aisle to a very chuffed Andy and their spiritual ceremony began. About halfway through big fat drops of rain slowly began to fall and the umbrellas, ponchos, raincoats, sun umbrellas, and anything that provided shelter went up! And the way these two dealt with torrential rain midway through their wedding led to some of my favourite images of all time.

I think you’ll agree that the joy they showed could never be dampened (pun intended) and I love the way that if anything – they embraced this watery gift like beautiful confetti from the sky! We retreated back to the bach for a bbq reception afterwards and a night of dancing that will not soon be forgotten.

I must also take the time to thank my lovely husband Todd for helping me out with this wedding, driving me around and sheltering me and my cameras with an umbrella all day so I could keep shooting! x

Dress from Felicity Bridal

Marquee – Bay of plenty stretch tents

Band – Only brothers

DJ’s – Andy Hawkins (DJ wreckage), Gray Russell (DJ Substrait)

Acoustic musicians – Jasper & Jane Hawkins

Celebrant – Evelyn Adams

Beer wall – sip sip hooray

Hair and makeup by Charlie Mclean

  • Michele Mott

    These images are truly amazing and such an accurate representation of the day, Nisha. We will treasure them forever. Thank you.
    Michele (Coral’s mum) xxReplyCancel

  • Nisha! Oh my god love your work. Been stalking your instagram haha. This is BEAUTIFUL ?ReplyCancel

  • What a fantastic wedding! I love the fact that it rained at the ceremony and everybody trooped on!ReplyCancel

  • Nice snaps. The couples are so sweet. You’ve captured some genuine joy in beach locations! Also, I like the black & white photos. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Stunning! Absolutely love the the perspectives you have captured the shots at over at Coromandel too. Takes me right back. Beautiful work <3ReplyCancel

A waiheke island wedding – the quintessential kiwi summer, two people in love and a whole lot of family and friends.
Waiheke island weddingWaiheke island weddingSo here we go! Zailie & Micah are the kind of people who are so down to earth you want to hug them immediately. I adore Waiheke island, it’s only a 30 minute ferry ride off the coast of Auckland but feels like a world of it’s own. It’s no wonder these two chose this little slice of heaven for their big day. Waiheke island weddingWaiheke island weddingWaiheke island wedding’s gown by Nicola Dawson

Hair and makeup by Alison Brewer

Florals by Twig & Twine


Earlier this year I went on the adventure of a lifetime, I had the pleasure of visiting Iceland a couple of years back but I never dreamed I would return to photograph a wedding there. But here’s a couple of preview images of the gorgeous Jen & David and their Iceland elopement, more after the jump…

Iceland elopementIceland weddingIcelandic horseOkay so here we go! You all know already how much I love elopements, the intimacy and the adventure of it all. This Iceland elopement wasn’t a true elopement however as Jen & David brought two dear friends along for the ride too which made it all the more special.

Jen & David hail from Christchurch in my home turf of New Zealand, the irony of living somewhere incredibly scenic yet travelling thousands of miles to marry elsewhere was not lost on them. These two are the kinds of souls who would spend every waking moment hiking or trekking or exploring this amazing earth of ours – so Iceland seemed the perfect fit. I couldn’t have been more privileged to hear from them as Jen is a photographer herself – always flattering. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – the best part of this job is the connections and friendships I get to make and these two were no different.

Jen had done so much research for this trip she could (and probably should) write a book on getting married in Iceland, and it all paid off. From the perfect remote waterfall spot for these two shy lovebirds to have their ceremony, to an amazing celebrant, glacier trip and evening meal for everyone. The format was a little unusual from my everyday wedding. We started bright and early with hair and makeup at the cute airbnb home we were all staying in before driving out in absolutely pouring rain to our location. We had a small hike to the waterfall from the car so in some amazing human feat Jen managed to get that entire amazing Louise Anderson wedding dress on underneath and inside her leggings and jacket. It was quite a site to behold (I would know I was the one in fits of laughter as we tried to make it work behind closed doors).

Initially these two had planned a ceremony in front of the waterfall when we went to scout it out (which of course was a perfect summers day) however in the pouring rain they actually ended up marrying underneath it as it was the most sheltered spot! A hugely emotional ceremony whizzed by and we had a whole day to play and take portraits until the evening! (A photographers dream come true).

This wedding is also featured in the latest issue of together journal if you’d like to see it in print and also pick up a beautiful publication.

Jen hand painted the invitations on wood!This is a natural hot spring (Jen’s not crazy…in that way)David is an avid lego collector and a friend bought him a little Lego bride and groom wedding gift, I love the grooms face below!Iceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photographyIceland wedding photography