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When you get a beautiful sunset engagement I obviously have no control over it – but when it does happen I’m left in awe every time. My friend Alexa calls this a “The world is amazing” moment. And during this session I had plenty of those. I am so crazy excited to share this beautiful engagement session with you guys today as I had so much fun working with this beautiful pair. They gave me complete and utter creative control and as many of you who are fellow photographers will know – this is when you can create your best work. We shot this pre wedding session in Taupo in the central north island of New Zealand. Atop of a hill in some local farm land there was fantastic views across the lake and beyond and when that sun went down – I swear I was cartwheeling.

Yes this started out as a seemingly perfect sunset engagement shoot, and it was by many accounts however you’ll notice towards the end of the shoot there’s a pretty rad looking van featured. These guys arrived in this van and told me it had recently been purchased for a two month road trip around New Zealand (living the dream right?!), keeping in mind we were shooting at the top of a hill I thought it did pretty well to get up there in the first place. However hilarity ensued when we realised it just wasn’t going to start on it’s own, so there’s some pretty funny shots of these two push starting it to head home at the end of the session.

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What I love about when it comes to waikato wedding photography, is more often than not you have mutual friends with the couple, or you end up being friends, or your friends are at the wedding! I think this is the case with most weddings in new zealand perhaps, being such a smaller and wonderfully friendly country.

Anyway I digress, but this was the case with myself and the very gorgeous Kirsty & Cody – who are good friends with my good friend Mel, hence how we came to meet and I came to document their day and gain two new friends in the process. It was an absolute stunner of a day, perfect sunshine reflecting out on the waikato as I made my way down south to red barn. Both families got ready in seperate gorgeous homes so I set off for the girls first. The usual mayhem of hair and makeup was in full swing and I just about fell over when I saw Kirsty’s beautiful lace, blush tone gown. Back over at the boys however they had one poor groomsman tying all of the ties as is often the case!


Without a doubt my favourite moment of the ceremony was watching Kirsty and her father laugh their way down the aisle, and watching Cody belting out the words to John legends “all of me” in an attempt to keep the floodgates closed. An absolutely beautiful ceremony for a gorgeous couple.


Kirstys gown by Maggie Sottero

Makeup by Tessa Aitchison

Hair styling by Jodi Mazzola

It gives me great pleasure to share this wedding with you all, Alyssa & Matt and everyone at their wedding just absolutely wore their heart on their sleeves and weren’t afraid to show the people they love, just how much they love them. Bit of a wedding photographers dream really. I’ve known Alyssa since school and I first had the privilege of photographing these two nearly two years ago now for their engagement session at Whangamata beach which was a true testament to how much they trusted me as they got up at 5am for it! I knew today would be special for so many reasons and it was an honour to be a part of it. They chose the waikato to have their wedding at the historic Woodlands venue in Gordonton. I always feel like waikato wedding photography is cheating a little bit because there are just vast expanses of beautiful landscape to shoot in!

I think Matt had the hands-down coolest groom-father of the bride end of the aisle moment I’ve ever seen, a handshake, brought into a big hug with enough tears in the room to flood a small city. These two went to so much effort to make sure they had the small, beautiful personal touches to their day that would make it unique and theirs. Alyssa’s flowergirl stole hearts as she sprinted down the aisle towards her Dad and the bridesmaids  in coral lace gowns were upstaged only by Alyssa herself.

The night finished with a semi-successful but very funny sky lantern release and dancing under the stars – a perfect evening with perfect company.

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Engagement photography New Zealand

We’re pretty luck to live where we do, living in new zealand means we are absolutely spoilt for choice. And when you combine this with a lovely couple like Kady & Mike, who are willing to get up in the wee hours of the morning, do their hair and makeup and rock up for a sunrise shoot because we were on the east coast of the country – well it doesn’t get much better than that.

I’ve known Kady for years now and was so privileged when she asked me to photograph her wedding this February, not only is she stunning in front of the camera but she puts alot of work in behind it. She is the talented owner of be beautiful hair and makeup and I’ve had the pleasure of working along side her several times so it’s nice to see her in front of the camera and the star of the show finally!

Mike started out this session like so many of my grooms, not super into being photographed and a little bit hesitant. You definitely can’t tell from the images though – these guys just oozed natural chemistry and sometimes I think they just forgot I was there too!  See if you can spot the adorable and fun matching tattoos that these two have done…We had a fantastic time splashing about the rock pools and enjoying the serenity of having the entire bay to ourselves. That’s one thing I never stop marvelling at in this wonderful country of ours – at any given moment if you choose, you can drive less than an hour and have a stunning beach all to youreselves.

When I say this was a laid back summer wedding, it’s because Georgie & Nathan are two of the most easygoing and down to earth people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. From the moment we sat down for coffee I knew there was no way we weren’t going to be friends. Both Georgie & Nathan are pilots so you might remember their engagement session about a year ago where we appropriately shot at the low flying zone in Auckland where planes can go so low they dip their wheels in the water sometimes! I can’t believe how quick the time has gone between now and then and now they’re married!

I spent the morning out in the countryside with Georgie at her parents place, where I was instantly in love with Caesar – a five day old lamb who had taken up residence in the Roy’s lounge as his mother had passed away. I think you know you’re at a real kiwi wedding when there’s a lamb in the lounge and he’s not for eating! Georgie easily stole the show back however when she came out in that beautiful Alma J bridal gown and left us all breathless. This was nothing compared to Nathans reaction when he saw her at the end of the aisle! Hair and Makeup was done by the very talented Ali of Ali’s Makeup Station.

Their wedding was a bit of a photographers dream – their reception ended at 6pm which meant I had nearly two hours at sunset with them to shoot portraits, as you can probably tell by the pictures there’s almost nothing Nathan & Georgie would have done for me in these photographs creatively.

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