Santorini elopement + 5 tips for a destination elopement.

Happy Valentines day everyone! I’ve been saving this Santorini elopement to share today because the romance was off the scales! I’ve had the privilege of shooting my fair share of wonderful weddings and elopements on Santorini now and it’s somewhere I never grow tired of! Paula & Matthew travelled all the way from the USA to elope in style on the island. As always I was incredibly honoured to be shooting another day planned and styled by the incredible Maria of tie the knot Santorini.

These two kicked the day off with breakfast together and contemplate the day ahead. The thing I love most about an elopement is it’s truly a day where you cherish every moment together. -How often in the busyness of day to day life do you sit and eat breakfast together, walk hand in hand from the table to the lounge? It’s like you get an entire day that just slows down to appreciate every second.

I decided to include my top tips for planning an elopement in this post too just in case it’s something you’re considering!

  1. Pick a place you’ve both never discovered before – I think a big part of a destination elopement is the wonder you get by exploring somewhere new together. Don’t forget that wherever you pick will become a part of your history – and a treasured destination for years to come too.
  2. Use a wedding planner – I highly recommend planners and stylists for destination elopements, it can be fairly stressful organising an event from a whole other country and a planner will also give you access to the best vendors and the ones that will fit you best.
  3. Get creative with how you spend the day. An elopement is so much more than just exchanging a few vows – think about your relationship, what would your perfect day be together? Sit down and write a few notes about how you’d spend it – it’s pretty exciting how much freedom you have when planning. Maybe you start with private vows at sunrise, go for a midday dip, spend the afternoon sailing – or hiking – the possibilities are endless.
  4. Plan how you’ll remember your destination. Think about the ways you’ll remember the day you married in future, there will be photographs, maybe there will be video – both ways your visual senses will be triggered. But think of your other senses too – particularly taste and smell are strong when it comes to memory. Perhaps pick a custom scent or perfume to wear on your wedding day that reminds you of your destination. Or better yet – pick one up at your destination! Ask your planner or restaurant for an extra bottle of wine from the day to take home with you and enjoy on a future anniversary.
  5. Pick people you click with. This one is particularly relevant to photography – with an elopement it’s just the two of you, so a photographer is the only other person you will generally spend the majority of the day with. Pick someone who’s work you love – but also someone you feel you’d be happy to spend such an important day alongside!


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